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With competitive prices and an easy to use online payment system, Driving's Cool continues to set the standard. Our customers can make payments 24/7, topping up their credit as necessary. They can even check their order history at anytime. Why not browse our online store now.


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It is strongly recommended that you take at least one lesson per week, however you will progress quicker with more.

Block Booking Discounts
Number of Lessons Package Cost Cost per Lesson Savings
1 - £30.00 -
5 £147 £29.40 £3
10 £289 £28.90 £11
20 £572 £28.60 £28
Further Discounts For Students, School Pupils & Unemployed *
Number of Lessons Package Cost Cost per Lesson Savings
1 - £29.00 £1
5 £142 £28.40 £8
10 £279 £27.90 £21
20 £552 £27.60 £48
* Proof of status will be required e.g. student card.
Pass Plus - £192

support icon  Pass Plus

After pupils pass their test they can pay for structured tuition from a registered PASS PLUS instructor. Pupils reaching the required standard should be entitled to a substantial discount on their motor insurance premium from companies supporting the scheme.


The saving could more than cover the cost of training.

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